Facilities Melting

Medium frequency Induction Melting Furnace manufactured by Inductotherm (India) Pvt, Ltd, Bhopal, 200 KW with two crucibles of 500 Kgs and 150 Kgs.
3 & 1 MT EOT crane – Movement from the furnace to 20 meters at main bay.
S.G. Treatment laddle – 3 Nos. (Capacity – 900)
Cupola 1.5 MT Per Hour – 1 No.


Hand Mould (Green Sand&Co2), Machine Mould (Green Sand).

Machine Mould

Core Making

Sand Mixer Р150 Kgs Capacity  Р1 No..

Cleaning  and Finishing

Laboratory for Testing

Suyash CE IInd level meter – facilities to read tensile and compression value, hardness, carbon equivalent, carbon and silicon – installed on the melting platform

Wet Lab



Spare Capacity
Foundry is equipped to manufacture 300 Mts of Grey Iron and S.G. Iron Castings per month at the rate of 60% average yield.